CELPIP Classes Langley

Are you having trouble to get a CLB score high enough to get your PR or Canadian Citizenship? Are you trying to get into the UBC Sauder Realtor Program but haven’t been able to get a CLB 7 score? Then look no further than Victory ESL We offer the BEST CELPIP classes near Langley, BC, Canada! Please see the courses offered below.


Are you looking to do the CELPIP Test in Langley? Then you have a few options:  1) Langley City 2) Kwantlen Polytechnic University You can sign up for the CELPIP General or L/S Exam in both of these locations.


If you are a Langley English student, visitor, worker, permanent resident, or citizen, you are welcome to register for English classes at VICTORY ESL, where we encourage you with English. Don’t just learn it. Use it.  If you are looking for excellent English classes in the summer, fall, winter, or spring, then give us a call at: 604.755.7976 or e-mail us at: office@victoryesl.com and reserve a spot in our excellent ESL classes.

Writing 101, 102, 103
CLB Level 4-9

English Writing 101/102/103 (Learn foundational writing grammar of English sentences quickly through sentence diagramming, writing grammar exercises, as well as how to write: sentences, paragraphs, emails, and essays, receiving live in-person feedback by an experienced English teacher)


Literacy (Basic)
CLB Level 0-2

English Fluency Literacy Class (Learn the ABCs of English including: Phonics training [sounds of English], printing lowercase and uppercase letters correctly & short words, as well as basic English speaking conversation every class)


CLB Level 3-5

Beginner English Speaking Class (learn to use basic English phrases and vocabulary to speak with locals in the community, practising topics such as: ordering food, making phone calls, talking to a child’s teacher at school, improving pronunciation of English sounds & much more! Gain confidence and skills to speak to others.)


CLB Level 5-7

Intermediate English Speaking Class (Learn to speak with others using small talk, ordering food, asking for returns/exchanges, speaking confidently and fluently in a job interview, improving pronunciation of difficult English sounds, improving speaking grammar through interesting everyday role plays, presentations & much more)


CLB Level 7-11

Advanced English Speaking Class (Speak English with better fluency, pronunciation & speaking grammar through various exercises and role plays in-person with live feedback by the teacher as we learn to speak English at a deeper level, so you can speak to anyone with confidence and fluency at a deeper level along with improving one’s own vocabulary of phrases that native speakers use on a regular basis.)


CELPIP Classes
CLB Level 4+

CELPIP Test Prep for PR, Citizenship, Realtor, or Mortgage Broker (We practice using real CELPIP sample questions that go over listening, reading, writing, and speaking. We practice in a real face-to-face class and make sure you understand why the correct answer is the best answer, going over English vocabulary words and showing you tips and strategies to get a higher score. )