Nice Park in Abbotsford for students

Are you looking to find a nice park to visit with your family or friends? There are many parks in Abbotsford for an ESL student to visit.  First, I would suggest Mill Lake Park, which is by Sevenoaks Mall.

Quiet Park in Abbotsford for students

Are you looking for a less busy park? Mill Lake is a nice park, but it can be quite busy since it is so beautiful.  If you are looking for a park that is quieter, you should check out Glen Valley Park, which is nestled along the Fraser River! This park is located on River Road in Langley/Abbotsford between 272nd Street and the dead end of River Road just east of Bradner Road in Abbotsford. If you hike west along the trail you can make it to Fort Langley, the birthplace of British Columbia! There are many nice shops to visit and restaurants to enjoy the local food in Fort Langley.